A Day in the Life of a Camper

Ultimate Challenge Camp Daily Schedule:

7:00 am – Morning Show wake up call (music, trivia and fun to wake you up!)

7:45 am – Raise n’ Praise (get you up and moving with fun aerobics before breakfast)

8:00 am – Breakfast (hopefully its french toast sticks)

8:45 am – Bible Study (learn and study from the Bible)

9:45 am – *Huddle Groups (discuss with your group about what you learned in Bible Study)

10:15 am – Planned Rec. (have a blast playing all different kinds of games in the gym or on the rec field)

12:00 pm – Lunch (everyday is delicious but taco day is the best)

12:45 pm – Group Ultimate Challenge or G.U.C. (work together with your huddle group on all different types of activities using your bible)

1:15 pm – Feet On Your Bunk or F.O.Y.B. (quiet time in your room, take a nap or just relax and take some time for yourself)

2:00 pm – FREE TIME!! (this time is yours… Plenty of things to keep you occupied; swim, canoe, board/card games, ultimate frisbee, dodge ball, sprinkler volleyball, just to name a few)

5:30 pm – Dinner (all meals are buffet style also offering a salad bar)

6:00 pm – Clean Up and Free Time (each day a different group takes the time to clean up the dorm area to keep it nice and tidy but for all the other kids there is a small free time to sit and chat with friends, play gaga ball or just hang out before worship)

7:00 pm – Worship (Praise and sing with a bunch of great Christian music, do a small worship activity, listen to a message about God from our speaker and pray or receive prayer durning alter call)

9:15 pm – Campfire (sing, scripture and just plain old fun!!)

9:45 pm – Devotions (time to talk about the day, worship, highs and lows, and pray with kids of your same gender and similar age)

10:05 pm – Get Ready for BED! (just like it says.. brush your teeth, change into your pjs and settle in for some much needed sleep)

10:30 pm – LIGHTS OUT (night, night, sleep tight)

**Huddle Groups – small groups of boys and girls of all different ages that you will be with all week working on all different types of activities; team building, G.U.Cs, bible study discussions and of course planned rec! The counselor in your group will choose a stand out camper in the group to take home your team flag at the end of the week.



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